Getting the written Music

If you ever tried to get sheet music for a particular tango, you will have noticed a big gap compared to other genres. Tangos were not in the spot of music publishers for many decades. After WWII tango was considered old-fashioned: They didn't use the (electronic) instruments popular for at young generation, and organizations as the International Council of Ballroom Dancing which defined a social dance inspired by paso doble or a Spanish bullfight and not referring to the original La Plata Tango with it's improvising character and own deep roots and rich history.

During the 1980ies and later, the tango Show Tango Argentino which toured through the US and Europe, demonstrated a high level dancing style, unknown to the ordinary audience. Astor Piazzolla, ignored and rejected at home, escaped to Europe were he matured during many years in Italy. The New Tango was a revelation in Europe, catching open minded jazz lovers and the youth as well.

It was the ignition for the Tango Nuevo, and the tango of the 40ties, for the dancers, a phenomenon which is still lasting, from Zurich to Paris, Berlin. New York, Tokyo and Johannesburg. As a consequence the increasing demand for original tango sheet music motivated a few music publishers to make some tries.

Indeed, the situation improved a lot. In the past the original tangos were published in a basic version for piano. Sometimes the melody line for violin or voice was added. This explains why there are almost no pieces for bandoneon out there.

Complete arrangements were seldom. The orchestras were forced to arrange themselfs. Of course, the arrranger gave the characteristic style. With some experience you will recognize the arranger of a particular piece. It is very hard to find original written arrangements, if you do, most probably someone wrote it down just by ear. Not everybody is able or willing to write owqn arrangements from scratch. Consider hireing an arrangement service

Getting the Scores

The music we are going to play, is usually copyrighted. Depending on the country, only after after 50 or 70 years of the composer's death, the music becomes public domain. But attention! Still there is a copyright for the printed matter. And we must respect their rights.

For this reason I may not make freely accessible copyrighted material. But if I know which editor published something youma find the information in a listing. Here some suggestions are given where to get a particular piece.

On-Line Publishers

The editors in the liost below do have on-line selling facilities.

Publisher Composer
Schott Music with Piazzolla music: Adios Nonino, Vuelvo al Sur
Editions Henry Lemoine  
Tonos Musikverlags GmbH Beytelmann, Borda, Bragato, Di Matteo, Piazzolla
Editorial Promusa (fake books)
Les Editions Universelles  


Club de Tango Partituras
Editorial Promusa Buenos Aires / Madrid
Tango Jam Worldwide online teaching, books, tango music consulting,
arrangements and compositions, and other resources for tango musicians.
Specially online Bandoneon classes with musicians of Buenos Aires.
Tango Sheet Music Shop
Gabriel Muhafra
Bolivar 1887 - 8A
1151 Capital Fedeal, Buenos Aires
+5411 4307 2533, 4894 1215
Sheet Music Plus offers some Piazzolla works
Tango Sheet Music Books by Bill Matthiesen
ZIK Publishing Group on-line Piazzolla sheet music for piano and guitar and violin
Instruments and sheet music

Web Resources

Book of Tangos logo about 90 tangos by Bob Barnes of Mandragora Tango
Descarga de Partituras  
Biblioteca Virtual de Partituras de Tango  
The Tango Fake Book Mark Wyman
Pentti Laitinen Finish tangos
Light on the Stairs several pieces as pdf
Gabriel Lombardo  
Piazzolla's Published Scores List (Noritake Yonezawa)
Nova Giulianiad (Guitar and Lute) Guitar Newsletters (in German)


Some editors outside of Argentina like Universelles, Tonos are going to publish complete tango arrangements for orchestras. Nevertheless it is still not sufficient to build up a well balanced repertory. You may use the service of arrangement writers.

Ready to use arrangements are listed in Gabriel Merlino's Tango Arrangements.

Julian Graciano      - arrangements compositor arreglador docente
tel. (+54 11) 4812-1203
Julian Hasse      - arrangements Altavoz Music Publishing
Andrés Linetzky      - arrangements (Argentina)
Gabriel Merlino      - arrangements for soloists and all type of Tango ensembles.
Order your own arrangement for your ensemble.
Also we have online arrangements courses.
Musical arrangements

Norberto Vogel      - arrangements (Argentina)

Vintage Publishers

The first printed tango music was published at the beginning of the 20th century. At that time the copyright law was not existent and many publishers were illegal.

After more and more piracy came up, in 1918 the Sociedad Nacional de Autores, Compositores y Editores de Música was founded in Argentina order to ensure the law 7092 to protect the intelectual property.

The list below was compiled using information found in El Tango y sus circunstancias by Fernando O. Assunção
El Ateneo, ©1984, Buenos Aires, ISBN 950-02-8366-2

Short Name Editor Address
Alonso Casa Alonso Sarandí 556, Montevideo
Astengo M. Astengo Gaona 2332, Bs. As.
Balerio (1) Jose V. Juan S. Balerio
Balerio (2) Jose V. Juan S. Balerio
Baña J. M. Baña y Cia. Rivadavia 853, Bs. As.
Beethoven (1) Casa Beethoven Callao 109, Bs. As.
Beethoven (2) Casa Beethoven Victoria 1632, Bs. As.
Belaúnde A. F. Belaúnde y Cia. Florida 243, Bs. As.
Bonfiglioli J. José Bonfiglioli ?
Breyer Breyer Hermanos Florida 414, Bs. As.
Camulli César Camulli Cangallo 1781, Bs. As.
Carrano A. Carrano Piedad 947, Bs. As.
Caviglia Enrique Caviglia Alvarez 579, Bs. As.
Cianciarulo Juan V. Cianciarulo Pasco 540, Bs. As.
Drangosch Drangosch y Bienes Bartolomé Mitre 1032, Bs. As.
Esteve Luis Esteve Sarandí 361, Montevideo
Felipetti Jose Felipetti Charcas 2288, Bs. As.
Feliú Juan Feliú e hijos Carlos Pellegrini 440, Bs. As.
Filardi (1) Luis Filardi Suipacha 374, Bs. As.
Filardi (2) Luis Filardi Bartolomé Mitre 2288, Bs. As.
Filardi (3) Luis Filardi Bolivar 1546, Bs. As.
Francalanci Alfredo O. Francalanci Viamonte 1702, Bs. As.
Gaudiosi Roque Gaudiosi Santiago del Estero 968, Bs. As.
Geipel (1) Geipel Hnos. Florida 587, Bs. As.
Geipel (2) Geipel Hnos. Corrientes 1776, Bs. As.
Grimberg (1) Casa Grimberg Florida 370, Bs. As.
Grimberg (2) Casa Grimberg Victoria 727, Bs. As.
Ibarburo M. Ibarburo Pasco 542, Bs. As.
Joubert Joubert Hnos. y Cia. ?
L.E.M.A. La Editora Musical Argentina Callao 345, Bs.As.
La Salva Domingo La Salva San Juan 2320, Bs. As.
Lemos J. A. Lemos y Cia. Florida 344, Bs. As.
Lottermoster Baña, Lottermoster y Cia. Rivadavia 853, Bs. As.
Mandrés Luis Mandrés Sarmiento 853, Rosario
Martel Julio Martel Garay 2370, Bs. As.
Martel Pedro Martel Yapeyú 531, Bs. As.
Matera Carlos Matera Impr venta Musical Gorriti 2410, Bs. As.
Matera F. Matera y Cia. Libertad 132, Bs. As.
Medina Juan A. Medina e hijo Florida 119 (248), Bs. As.
Meliante Antonio Meliante Itavopí 2138, Montevideo
Monteverde Miguel Monteverde Corrientes 3193, Bs. As.
Nacional La Nacional Piedras 440, Montevideo
Neumann Guillermo Neumann Florida 415, Bs. As.
Núñez F. Núñez y Cia. Sarmiento 1566, Bs. As.
Ortelli Tall. Graficos de Ortelli Hnos. Belgrano 2947, Bs. As.
Peiré Emilio Peiré Alvarez 444, Bs. As.
Perrotti Alfredo Perrotti Garay 542, Bs. As.
Poggi Alberto S. Poggi Carlos Pellegrini 418
Poggi David Poggi Artes 418, Bs. As.
Prelat E. E. Prelat y Hno. Sta. Fe 2841, Bs. As.
Pugliese Adolfo Pugliese ?
Rivarola (1) Luis F. Rivarola Bartolome Mitre 884, Bs. As.
Rivarola (2) Carlos Pellegrini 165, Bs. As.
Rivarola (3) Juan E. Rivarola Mexico 1112, Bs. As.
Rivarola (4) Bernardo de Irigoyen 143, Bs. As.
Romero (1) Romero y Agromayor Bartolomé Mitre 947, Bs. As.
Romero (2) Romero y Fernández Bartolomé Mitre 947, Bs. As.
SAC Sociedad Arg. de Compositores Florida 385, Bs. As.
Sosa Primitivo Sosa San Martin 934, Rosario
Spinelli Rosario Spinelli San Luis 2826, Bs. As.
Trelino M. A. Trelino Belgrano 2942, Bs. As.
Trápani (1) Carlos M. Trápani Convención 1325, Montevideo
Trápani (2) Carlos M. Trápani Ituzaingó 125, Montevideo
Yanone Carmelo Yanone San Juan 2184, Bs. As.

first edition: Feb. 1996

Contemporary Printed Sheetmusic

This list of Tango Music Publishers is certainly not complete or contains outdated items. Historical addresses are still included for trace-back reason. Publishers until 1920 of the River Plate area are found on a separate list. Please inform me about errors or publishers not mentioned.

Please note: The first column lists the Publisher and it has a link to the corresponding catalogue.

Publisher Composer
Vintage Publishers Music Publishers up to 1920 at the River Plate
AltaVoz Ediciones Musicales
LA AUTORA Eladia Blazquez
Chanterelle Piazzolla works arranged for guitar
CURCI only Piazzolla sheet music
Alfredo Geipel Razzano, Laurenz, Bayardo
David Grinberg Julio & Francisco de Caro, Laurenz,
Maffia, De Los Hoyos, Celedonio Flores,
Navarrine, D'Agostino
Iadarola (sometimes Yadarola) Dizeo, De la Cruz,
(taken over by Julio Korn)
Jaro Medien Piazzolla (Europe licence)
KORN (Warner - Chappell)
Margaux (guitar)
Tienda Melos Argentina
PIROVANO Donato, Scatasso, Filiberto, Tagini, Delfino,
Maglio, Cadícamo, Contursi, Guichandu
PERROTTI / RECORD stock seems to be poor now Pracánico,
Aieta, García Giménez, Sanders, Avilés,
Lomuto, Matos Rodriguez, Collazo, Rizzuti
Editorial Promusa Buenos Aires / Madrid
RECORD repertory of Carlos Gardel
RICORDI lots of Guardia Vieja
Rivarola Fresedo, Tuegols, Carlos Flores, Cobián,
Magaldi, Ferrazzano
Tonos Beytelmann, Borda, Bragato, Cosentino,
Di Matteo, Garello, González, Mederos,
Potenza, Piazzolla, Varvello
Tropical Tropical GmbH Astor Piazzolla
WARNER BROSS Gardel and Milva & Piazzolla
Les Editions Universelles (with its own search engine -
not included in