Tango and Bandoneon Music by TONOS

Christian Mensing


Astor Piazzolla

Tonos is dedicated to extend the available tango music by publishing recent compositions complementing previous works of Astor Piazzolla. Please note that not all listed compositions are strictly tango ones and include folklore as well.

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Please note, that Tonos does not sell Piazzolla's works to overseas. The original publisher is Editorial Lagos SRL

Gustavo Beytelmann

Luis Borda

José Bragato

Luis Di Matteo

Astor Piazzolla

In the listing there is no mention about the authors of the lyrics for the vocal works. For more details please refer to the Tango Archive.

Piano Albums

The following items refer to piano solo sheet music.



Jeanne y Paul


6 Tangos

Ed. Nr. 21001, M-2015-0006-5

Todo Buenos Aires

3 x 9

Piano Scores

Melody Editions with Chords

Piano and Lyrics or Text

Piano and Lyrics Albums

Canciones Porteñas

Text: Jorge Luis Borges

Color de Buenos Aires

Text: Horacio Ferrer

Guitar Albums

4 Estaciones Porteñas

Maria de Buenos Aires

Ensemble Music

2 instruments

3 instruments

for violin, violoncello and piano

4 instruments

5 instruments

for piano, violin, bandoneon, electr. guitar and bass
Invierno Porteño
Michelangelo 70
Milonga del Angel
Otoño Porteño
Primavera Porteña
Resurección del Angel
Verano Porteño
Silfo y Ondina (series):
  • Tangata
  • Fugata
  • Soledad
  • Five Tango Sensations (for string quartet)
  • Nuestro Tiempo

6 instruments

Works for Chamber Orchestra

Note: most of these works are for restricted use only. For details please consult the publisher.
Aconcagua (Concierto para bandoneón) bd , p, hrp, dr , strings
Balada para un loco vc, p, bd, prec, gt, strings
Canto de Octubre (Melodía en La menor) string orchestra
Concierto de nacar soli: 2 vl, va, vc, cb, bd, dm, p /, cel, pc, strg
Contemplación y Danza (2 piezas para clarinete y orquesta de cuerdas) clarinet, string orchestra
Danza Criolla 1(picc.)1.1.1.-, 2 dm, p, hrp
Three pieces for chamber orchstra transc.: José Bragato p, string orch.
 (Preludio, Fuga, Divertimento)  
Five Tango Sensations bd, strin orch. or quartet
Fuga y Misterio fl, bd, p, gt, vibr, perc, strings
La Muerte del Angel p, string orch.
Milonga del Angel transc.: José Bragato 2.2(EH).2.1.-, dm, hrp, p, strings
Oblivion from the movie “Henry IV” oboe, string orch.
Suite Punta del Este bd or acc, fl, ob, cl, fg, strings
Tangazo variaciones de Buenos Aires dm, p, str
Tango No 1 string orch.
Tango No 2 string orch.
Tres minutos con la realidad bd, p, hrp, el. gt, strings
Tres Tangos bd, p, hrp, dm, str
created: June, 1998