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The information of this page was kindly provided by people from Korea. There is a tangokorea Mailing List for more info.

1 US $ is about 1000 won
The phone nation code for Korea is 82
To call numbers 02-xxx or 015-xxx from abroad, suppress the "0": dial +82-2-xxx, +82-15-xxx.. etc.
The "+" stands for your international access code
numbers starting with 010, 011, 016, 017 or 019, are mobile numbers
All Korean tango websites are Korean only, if you can't read Korean, you need a help from Korea friend.

Korea Tango     

2018 Seoul Tango Marathon     
2018 Seoul Metropolitan Tango Championship     

Tango Organization: Korea Tango Cooperative(KTC)     

한국땅고협동조합 (코리아 탱고 협동조합) 하재봉, 배수경, 김정아, 윤장일


한국땅고 잡지     
한글과 영어 병용 in Korean and English(en coreano e inglés)



in Seomeon
practica: Sunday 7:00 - p.m.

metro Seomeon, 5 minutes by foot.
milonga: Sunday 7:00 p.m.- midnight
practica: on Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:oo p.m.
lesson for beginners: Sunday 5:oo p.m.-7:00 p.m
entrance: 6000 won with one drink.

Park Jiyoung Dance Studio     
organised by Art Tango Busan
in front of Busan national university.
metro Busan national university
lesson: every Thursday and Friday 7:30 - 9:30 p.m.



Azucar located in Taejun. Azucar is managed by the same person who manages Bonita and Latin-sokuro club. It is a latin bar, plays tango on Wedensday and Sunday, and salsa for other days. Every Wedensday from 8pm free tango lesson.

Every Sunday tango Milonga, door opens at 3pm. All other days open at 7pm play salsa.


tel. 053 255-9956


Chola Nam-Do
Sunday pm 8- (30,000won in 4 classes)
Latin Bar Mayan(Gwangju Times) continue to Yanglim police depot then 100m toward Sajik park
see also Mayan     
+82-(0)62-672-0714, or Salvador: +82 017-415-7816


Cafe Daum     


Milongas in Seoul      (English)
updated (09-07-2017 by Werther 베르테르)

Tango O Nada     

Donggyo-dong 200-29 B1, Mapo-gu, Seoul

El Bulin
0505-248-2688 Sinsa-dong 561-16 B2, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

El Tango     

Sinsa-dong 542-4 2F, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Tangueria del buen Aire     pgujeong Station,
82 2 3446 8264

Sinsa-dong 567-21 B1, Kangnam-gu, Seoul

Latinsoguro Studio     
Seogyo-dong 370-14 B1, Mapo-gu, Seoul

El Dia      (Bucheon city)

La Ventana     
Tango People Hongdae Studio, address: (Hongdae / Sinchon Station 5 minutos)

Todo Tango     
Tandoori - Daemyung Bldg. 637-15, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul B1

Lime Tango Cafe     
El Paso      Tango School

Royal Tango     
River Latin Bar     (Angel Tango)

Monday Location Service
O Nada (21:00 01:00) Wolnada ₩10,000
El Tango (20:30 24:30) Luminoso Gangnam ₩10,000(+1drink)
River Latin Bar (20:00-12:30) Meca ₩10,000(+1drink), 앙헬탱고
O Nada (21:00 24:00) Solo Tango regular get-together meeting ₩7,000(+1drink)
El Tango (20:30 24:30) La Serotonina ₩10,000(+1drink)
O Nada (21:00 24:00) Sunada ₩10,000
O Nada 2 (20:30 24:30) Farol ₩10,000
El Tango (21:30 24:30) For Beginners ₩5,000
El Dia      (20:00 24:00) Bueno, Bucheon ₩10,000(+1drink)
O Nada (21:00 24:00) For Beginners ₩7,000(+1drink)
Todo Tango (21:00 01:00) Mint ₩10,000
O Nada (21:00 02:00) every 1st week, Chemical ₩10,000
other weeks, Burning ₩10,000
La Ventana (21:00 02:00) Luminoso ₩10,000
El Tango (21:00 01:00) Secret ₩10,000(+1drink)
Lime (21:00 01:00) Yolo ₩10,000
Saturday Location Service
O Nada (21:00 03:00) Tonada ₩10,000
El Paso (23:00 03:00) every 3rd week Bella
El Tango (21:00 01:00) Boca ₩10,000(+1drink)
Todo Tango (20:00 24:00) every 2nd week, DalDalHoney ₩10,000 (010-7723-3802)
Royal Tango (20:00 01:00) Malang Malang ₩10,000(+1drink)
O Nada (19:30 24:00) Mercury ₩10,000
O Nada 2 (16:00 20:00) Alegre ₩10,000
La Ventana (19:30 23:30) Sueño Dulce ₩10,000
El Tango (15:00 19:00) every last week, Afternoon ₩10,000,
reservation only
Lime (18:00 23:00) Tea ₩10,000
La Vista (15:00 19:00) Tarde, Daejeon 7,000

El Bulín     
Tango Studio
561-16 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu,
+82 10-2611-7728

Tango O Nada     

19:30-24:00+ (Tue-Sun)
Tel +82 (19) 234-7411,
Near by Hong-ik Univ. station of Subway line 2, Exit #2
Way to Tango O Nada at DongGyo-dong, Mapo-gu:
Seoul Subway: Line 2, HongDae(HongIk Univ.) St. Exit #2,
Find Gas Station and Turn to the Left, walk 20 meters,
and then turn to the left, at 3 way road walk 20 meter further.
Then you may see Family Mart, Chinese Restaurant Gawon
and Tango O Nada (basement) to your right at a
distance 20 meters.

on Saturdays:
Participants need English Proficiency to understand
English Syllabus and Videotapes as well as Advanced level of
Argentine Tango so that presenting couple on each Saturday
can teach the others in turn.
ends at 4 a.m.

Latinsoguro Studio     
Sat. 20:00-2300
Tel. 019-234-7411
334-3 Seogyo-dong Mapo-gu
8 min. from Honglk Univ. Stat. (green line)

Study Club of Argentine Tango     
(02-3284-1869, 016-321-0512)
Day & Time: Every Saturday 15:00-18:00
Place: Center Stage Academy near City Hall Station(Subway Line #2)
or ChungJeongRo Station(Line #5)

Milonga at Latin-sogeuro

Every Saturday 19:00-23:00.
fee: 2,000won(1.5 US$) (with self tea or instant coffee)
Near by Hong-ik Univ. station of subway line 2. Exit 5
Tel. 016-711-9207 - 2,000
Latin Dance Club with 7000 registered members and
birth place of Argentine tango in Korea (about 100 active members).

La Bruja     
Mondays 20:30 ($8.50)
Tel. 019-208-3224
529-10 Shinsa-dong Kangnam-gu
8 min. from Apgujeong Stat. (orange line)
Tango in Seoul
Boem 011-9938-1058
Address: B2, Seoul Design Works, 242 Iteawon-ro , YongSan-gu

Exit #3, Hangangjin-st , Subway line #6.
Subway Line #6, Hangangjin St. Exit #3- walk straight ahead,
turn left at 2nd traffic light, and then turn to right alley 15o meter.
You'll see Tango in Seoul at your right.

fee: 7,000won(7 US$) (with a soft drink(soda, matte, coffee)
milonga every day since Jan 2007.
Advanced dancers on Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday


Thursday 21:00-
Music School
(In front of Rear Gate of WangJi Elementary School, Suncheon)
Ban Dal Gom: 011-9604-0134


Azucar      Taejun (Latin Bar)
tango Wednesdays from 8pm - free tango lesson
and Sundays full day tango, door opens at 7pm,
other days open at 7pm for salsa.
covercharge 5,000 won (about US$ 4)

Julius & Julia's     

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