Tango in Japan, Kansai Region

August 2005

In the following there is information about two Tango places (in Kobe and in Kyoto) which I visited during my stay in Japan in August 2005.
The milongas were small, but very nice, and the level of dancing was very good.

There is some information on the internet: E.g., check the
Tango Locos Tango calendar for the Kansai region (Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, etc).
For the places I visited, I have included all available contact information below.

Have fun!

Kobe: Kitano Circus (Cafe Del Tango)

A milonga and teaching place run by Ernesto & Rika,
see Ernesto's page at www.h7.dion.ne.jp/ ernesto/english/e-index.htm
, mobile phone 090-4492-3491


Kitano-cho 4-9-6 (2F), Chouku, Kobe
Phone: 078-221-9294
Web: www.kitano-circus.info

How to find it

It is on Ijinkan-dori, one of
the main streets in the Kitano neighbourhood,
just opposite the Choueke house, which is indicated
on most tourist maps of the town. There are some
Tango posters visible, so it is easy to find.


Classes Sat 18:00 - 19:30 (3000 Yen)
Milonga Fri & Sat 19:30 - 23:00 (2000 Yen)

Kyoto: Tango Imperio

A milonga and teaching place run by Alvaro & Lucia
(see www.astrorico.com information: Tel. 075-461-0124,


Nakagyouku Mibu Shujaku cho 4-1 (2F), Kyoto
Phone: 075-813-8211, 090-6056-4095 (mob)
Web: www.tango-imperio.com

How to find it

It's on Koin-dori, which is the street running
northwest from Hankyu Omiya railway station to
JR Nijo station. If you come from Hankyu Omiya
station, it's on the right side at the end of
Koin street, just before the Sanjo shopping arcade.
It's on the first floor above a delivery sushi
service called Gin-no sara. It's easy to find,
since their is a large sign.


Milonga every second Saturday in a month, including
live music by the Astrorico ensemble.
When I was there, the entry fee was 5000 Yen including
free drinks. I've been told that there are weekly classes.