Bandoneon Technique

The bandoneonist Amijai Shalev from Pitango has written an article on the Bandoneon Technique specially for those who need to learn by their own. The contact address for Amijai Shalev is found in the article.

Pedro y Pedro Analysis

Luis Caruana has analyzed Piazzolla's Pedro y Pedro, possibly Piazzolla's only composition for bandoneon solo, as part of his Ph.D. thesis. His work is presented here in it's original Spanish version.

Writing for the Bandoneon

One major obstacle for diffusing the bandoneon is the poor availability of music for it. Most of the repertory are transcriptions from other instruments. But there are also works written explicitly for it. One task is thus the creation of new material, and which can be potentially of every kind of music.

A composer does not need to play the bandoneon, but should know it's keyboard (e.g. the bisonor 142 voice system) and about it's particularities. Like for most instruments, he should know the limitations (what is possible and what not and where there are the difficulties to perform) but also the strength and perhaps special techniques not known on other instruments.

is aware of the problem and from questions presented by composers willing to work for the bandoneon, he wrote some valuable examples concerning this subject. Fortunately he made this material available to us. It consists of an explanatory text which is accompanied by excerpts and sound examples. The original text was written in Spanish. Many members of the Bandoneon List have offered spontaneously to make the translation. I'm really pleased of the enthusiasm to collaborate with this project.

The quality and the usefulness of the contents depends finally on the presented questions in the future. The user is asked to direct his doubts to the author directly. If the subject is of general relevance, he will try to find an answer.