Gardel Sheet Music by Warner Bross Company

Christian Mensing

Recordando a Carlos Gardel of the publisher America Toda was replaced and complemented with 2 new volumes. They offer the following tango music:

Tangos Vol. 1 (Carlos Gardel) p/ voc/ guit 2.200 Pts
Tangos Vol. 2 (Carlos Gardel) p/ voc/ guit 2.200 Pts
Los mejores Tangos de Gardel p/ voc/ guit 3.000 Pts
Milva & Piazzolla band / voc 2.325 Pts

Additionally an album for acordion by Richard Galiano (jazz, musette, tango) is to be published very soon.

Since I don't own these albums I can't list the contents. If you purchase them, please send me a list of the titles.

created: Dec. 1998

(German, Spanish, English)
last update: 2017-12-04
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