All listed records contain exclusively compositions by Luis Di Matteo .

1965 A sugerencia del club single
1971 Estudio para tres LP Mallarini Uruguay
1975 Tangos en blue jeans LP Mallarini Uruguay
1976 Proceso LP Clave-Iemsa Uruguay))
1979 Monologando CC Sondor Uruguay
1981 Rumbo al cenit LP Orfeo Uruguay
1983 Latitud 55 LP Orfeo Uruguay
1984 Tango Contemporáneo band, bass, piano, oboe LP JARO 4116-1 Germany
1985 Le Dernier Tango band, bass, piano, drums, oboe LP JARO 4121-1 Germany
1985 Los dueños del silencio sound track Argentina/ Sweden
1987 Tango CD-compilation of the previous JARO editions CD JARO 4116-2 Germany
1988 Por dentro de mi bandoneon solos with chamber music character 0.1 LP/CD JARO 4137-1/-2
1991 Del nuevo ciclo with the russian Uljanowsk National Symphony Orquestra CD JARO 4155-2
1995 Silvana Deluigi / Luis Di Matteo
other composers CD SM 1613-2
1997 Escribo para los Angeles (with string quartet) CD JARO 4198-2
1998 Un día de mi vida CD JARO Germany
1998 La memoria del espejo sound track for a poems CD Spain
1999 Candombe Uruguayo JARO Germany
2004 Siempre hay algo nuevo JARO Germany
2004 Retrospectivo JARO Germany
2004 Tango y más allá JARO Germany
2004 Rejunte Perro Andaluz Uruguay
2010 Iceberg Perro Andaluz Uruguay
2013 No todo está perdido Perro Andaluz Uruguay


... character0.1
Berliner Tagesspiegel: With his phenomenal technique he manages to merge elements of the south american Tango, the Milonga, and the uruguayan Candombe into an extraordinary kaleidoscope of Chamber Music.
(German, Spanish, English)
last update: 2018-09-06
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