The Lady Composer Eladia Blazquez

Christian Mensing


This small abstract reproduces some information about the lady musician, pianist, guitarist, composer, author and song writer. The information about the popular and folk musician Eladia Blazquez is not very proof so it may not be used as a reference. However I bring together some biographic data.

born on february, 24th in Avellaneda (Province Buenos Aires) as daughter of Spanish (andaluce) inmigrants.

4 years old
demonstrates her outstanding musical abilities on a toy piano
acts later professionally at Radio Argentina singing folklore and Spanish songs
9 years old
buys with her income her first piano and receives from her mother a guitar
Due to the premature and fast progress in music lessons, her teacher recommended her mother to let her develop by her own. Today Eladia Blazquez argues she could have been a good concert musician but would not have been a popular song writer.
dedicates totally to the Spanish song,
tours through Latin America
makes her first long play record (RCA)
acts during the best audience time at Radio El Mundo sharing with Osvaldo Fresedo, Dajos Bela and Aníbal Troilo
Gradually she passes from the interpreter to the author: the slow fox Humo y Alcohol was her first composition.
Shortly after that she presents her second LP with only own compositions.
With the vals Río Río she definitely adopts the national folklore into her spirit. A cycle of about 20 compositions like Cuando el amor se va up to Si Buenos Aires no fuera asi makes the transition to the tango.
Sueño de Barrilete was originally interpreted by Miguel Saravia and recorded as tango by Claudio Bergé for the first time and later by Roberto Rufino.
She presents her first exclusively tango LP with only own compositions and lyrics as well as singer.
She joins in Caño 14 a trio with Marconi, Murtagh and Stamponi and sometimes alone at the piano or guitar.
At TV channel 7 she presents a longer recital.
She presents an other longer recital with own compositions on the label Disco AZUR.
She is elected to the head staff of SADAIC
continues recording on Trova (third own record)
secretary of SADAIC, travelling to Spain, France and Italy
dies on August, 29.

See also a publisched Song book.

date of creation: February, 10th, 1999

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